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Computer Science and Engineering

The department is imparting a quality education, keeping in mind the important role of software in the industry and in providing service to the better social life and overall development of mankind.

To cater the computing need of the students, the department is having nine state of the art Laboratories with different platforms like Windows supported by MicroSoft Academic Alliance Programme and Linux. The internet facility ( 100 Mbps Lease Line ) is also provided by the department. Many of our alumni are placed in premier organizations worldwide.

Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering department has been established since July 1980. The department is well equipped with state of an art of technology laboratories serve the needs of education and consultancy. The department has experienced and well qualified staff In all specialization of Civil Engineering field.


The course is focused an to build technically Commutative Civil Engineer with ethical and moral values to build the mankind.

Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has started in 1980. Many of our students are placed in premier organizations worldwide.

The department has well equipped laboratories and workshops to impart effective training to the students. Students get practical training in various manufacturing processes like Foundry, Welding, Sheet Metal, Milling & also in the subjects like Material Science, Measurements & Metrology, IC Engine, Heat Transfer. Besides these, they also get the practical training in the latest areas like Auto CAD, Ansi C etc.

Information Science and Engineering

The Department of Information Science And Engineering commenced from the academic. year 2000. The Department has always been on a high growth path and has experienced and dedicated faculties with a strong commitment to engineering education.

The department is having seven state of the art Laboratories with different platforms like Windows and Linux. The department organizes various training programs for teachers from other department on different computer related subiects.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

The department imparts education and training in advanced and diversified field of Electronics with application orientation. It enables the students to become applied electronics engineers. The department has erudite faculty with expertise in all advanced subjects.

Department regularly organizes guest lectures by leading industrialist and technologist's to keep the students in tune with the latest technological developments. Tech Gallery, Paper Presentation Contest and Project Competitions are held to bring out the latest technical and organizational skills of the students.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering {EEE} has been functioning since the inception of the college at l980. This field at Engineering imparts technical know how in the areas of Electrical Machines, power Systems, Control Systern, Electronics, Computer Bio-Medical instrumentation and Simulation.

The department has well equipped with art of technology laboratories.


To produce competent and disciplined Electrical and Electronics Engineers. To develop a center for practical excellence and research. To provide consultancy activities for various industries. To enrich the human resource for technical advancement of the country. To develop students to meet the on-going global challenges.